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"For Those Who Want the Very Best"




PHONE 386-427-1905

Delivered right to your front door!


You will enjoy  “Purely the Best” bottled water from Silver Spring Bottled Water Co, Florida’s largest privately-held bottled water company.

You will have ease of mind with H2O Depot because all of our water is from deep protected sources, is sodium free, and monitored regularly to ensure the highest quality.


Bottled Water Coolers


You can choose contemporary styles in Cook and Cold or Hot and Cold, all come with spill-proof water guard.

Bottle- Free Coolers


Flowline POU’s  are great for home or office!


No more bottles  to lift or store.


If you are looking to go Green, POU coolers are the latest bottle-free option in environmental safe water solutions.

H2O Depot wants to provide your family with the very best water throughout your entire home.

Everything from chemicals to hardness in the water can damage your home's fixtures and appliances, make cleaning more difficult and can even cause dry skin and hair.


EcoWater Systems is a world leader in residential and commercial water treatment.

As an authroized EcoWater dealer, our values include quality of our products and pride in our service.


We will work with your family to provide a water treatment solution for every budget!

Contact H2O Depot for a free test of your home's water!


We would love to talk to you about your water needs.

1947 Guava Drive
Edgewater, Fl 32141


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